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netHARBOR : Safety. Security. Surety. Everyday.

Know your weakness before they betray you.

May we hack into your computer? Malicious hackers don’t ask. But we’re a different in a unique way. We’re on your side. We’re white “White Hat” ethical hackers… guns for hire. Let netHARBOR show you how the bad guys get in. Know your weaknesses with netHARBOR WhiteHat External Penetration Testing. (read more…)

netHARBOR scrutinizes your computer network from the inside out and how your information technology effects your day-to-day operations. What would happen if some of your most important computer data was suddenly lost, made unavailable or fell into the wrong hands? netHARBOR ’s InterAudit and Risk Assessment will tell you where you stand. (read more…)

Information thieves and hackers share a common Method of Operation (MO) with a home burglar. They target the low-hanging fruit first. Know for sure if you are an easy mark with netHARBOR’s BorderSCAN. (read more…)

The unexpected, “it will never happen to us” just occurred. How do you conduct business? Who is responsible? How long will it take? netHARBOR ’s Rebound! Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity action plans will help keep your business in business. (read more…)


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